Ornamental Trees

15 gallon pot – $50
30 gallon pot – $75
50 gallon pot – $100
Southern Hill Farms Ornamental Trees

When David and Lisa decided to carry on their family tradition of farming, marking them as third generation stewards of the land, they planted their roots by way of ornamental trees off Schofield Road. Fast forward to two-thousand nineteen and their one hundred twenty-acre farm now boasts a wide variety of ornamental trees as well as u-pick and commercial crops, all managed alongside the fourth generation of family farmers, but they haven’t forgotten where it all started.

Our Trees

We’re offering professional photography within our ethereal Crape Myrtle rows, blooming in late spring, and our #2 trees are available for purchase to our community year-round. On the sixty-eight acres of Southern Hill Farms that were originally farmed, we’re currently growing seven different varieties of ornamental trees. We don’t offer delivery or installation, give us a call at 407-986-5806 to discuss pick up times and payment options. Please keep in mind that not all trees are available in all pot sizes.

Bald Cypress

Deciduous conifers, native to the southeastern United States. Will adapt to wet or dry planting conditions, and are slow growing, long-living trees.

Crape Myrtle (single trunk)

A southern staple; available in red, pink or white blooms. These deciduous shrubs need full sun and moderate water, will flower in the late spring/summer.

Dahoon Holly

Small evergreen tree with dark green leaves and red berries. Considered mostly an allergy-free tree, it is moderately growing. Grows well in full sun to partial shade.

Eagleston Holly

Small evergreen tree with medium green leaves and red berries. It’s a slow growing tree that is cold tolerant.


Also called a Japanese Blueberry tree (not to be confused with blueberry bushes), it’s a low maintenance, small to medium tree. Grows well in full or partial shade, prefers well drained soil with watering until established. This is our least cold-tolerant tree available at the farm.

Little Gem Magnolia

Slow growing, evergreen tree with leathery, dark green leaves that can produce white, fragrant flowers in 2 to 3 years. Will tolerate most soil conditions, including sand and clay, but prefers a slightly acidic pH.

Red Maple

Brilliant red fall color. Prefers wet areas but can grow in dryer planting conditions if irrigated.

For more information about professional photography at the farm, please see our professional photography page.