Sunflower U-Pick Info

Central Florida sunflower harvest season:
spring and fall
SHF Sunflowers

We’re taking on a new adventure as a family – to bring you beautiful, fragrant, fresh cut flowers right from your local farm. We’ve planted vivid, multicolor sunflowers which are available for picking during our Spring U-pick and Fall Festival. Just think of the gorgeous scent of freshly cut flowers in your home and the stunning photo opportunities that await you!

Our Sunflowers

The beauty of sunflowers is timeless and awe inspiring. Our vision was to provide you with a wide range of colors, heights and bloom sizes to choose from, which led us to the decision to plant five different varieties of sunflowers in our test plot. These include a dwarf variety with bright yellow petals with a black center, one with golden orange blooms, one with beautiful plum and cream bicolor blooms, one boasting bright yellow, bronze and purple blooms and one classic beauty with golden yellow petals and a big, brown center. We’re looking forward to seeing the beautiful wave of color on the farm and can’t wait to share it with you.

For more information about professional photography in our sunflower fields, please visit our Photography page.