Peach Fields

We welcome and encourage everyone in our community to use our stunning farmland and alluring crops for their casual photography, selfies, private social media and blogging use during our normal business hours. Due to the nature of farming, the weather, the public and other elements out of our control, we cannot guarantee that other guests will not be present in the background of your photographs during business hours or that the weather and/or crops will be ideal.

Only cell phone photography is permitted on the farm. Any photography with other cameras or professional equipment requires the purchase of a photography pass. Photography passes are $150 for the day and can be purchased at the Greeter Barn upon entrance to the farm. Southern Hill Farms cannot provide a professional photographer, all clients or photographers are responsible for coordinating their independent photo shoots. We look forward to hosting you at our farm soon!

What is considered professional photography?

Any photography other than a cellphone is considered professional photography.

Professional Photography Policy during FALL FESTIVAL ONLY

Professional photography is permitted at our Fall Festival events with a paid admission ticket, an additional photography pass purchase is not required. The photographer, clients and anyone involved in the photoshoot process that will need access to the farm grounds must purchase a ticket online, in advance, for the date and time that they wish to attend. If an event date and time has sold out, additional tickets will not be made available.

Please keep in mind that our Fall Festival events are public events held rain or shine, other guests will be on the farm. Photographers and clients are not permitted to bring in large photography equipment that will obstruct other guests’ access or views, as well as large props. Small, packable equipment is permitted. In addition, all guests must abide by “family appropriate” clothing (lingerie and other revealing clothing is not permitted), and specific areas on the farm cannot be held or reserved for your photoshoot. Drones are not permitted during any of our public events.

Professional Photography during WINTER and SPRING U-Pick Season

Professional Photography is only permitted with the purchase of a Photography Pass at the Greeter Barn for $150. Photography passes can be purchased online in advance here.

Keep the following in mind.

  • Guests are welcome to take photos with their personal cell phone at our events at no additional charge, under the condition that it is not considered a professional photo shoot.
  • Southern Hill Farms cannot provide guests with a photographer, you are responsible for hiring your own photographer or booking your own independent session.
  • Tripods, lights, cameras and small professional equipment are permitted, however large and intrusive props such as benches and chairs are not.
  • Tasteful and family appropriate clothing must be worn at all times. Lingerie, revealing or risqué clothing is not permitted. If a guest is found scantily clad anywhere on the farm, said guest will be asked to change into appropriate clothing or to leave the premises.
  • Please be respectful of all guests on the farm. Photographers may not require other guests to vacate an area, cut lines, etc. to capture a clients’ photographs. If a complaint is filed against a photographer for disrespectful behavior toward another patron, said photographer will be asked to leave the premises.
  • Southern Hill Farms is private property and a working farm, therefore we ask that you be respectful of our land and not damage any crops, equipment or structures while trying to capture your photos.
  • Please do not trespass on our property during non-business hours to take photos. Our farm is under 24 hour video surveillance and law enforcement will be notified if required.