Peach U-Pick Info

Central Florida peach harvest season:
mid to late April through May
$4 per lb u-pick
$4.50 per lb pre-picked
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Straight from our farm to your home, our juicy u-pick peaches are sold exclusively to our Greater Orlando community. We’ve expanded our guests’ options and experiences on the farm as the blueberry and peach harvests overlap, making Southern Hill Farms your u-pick destination for some of Central Florida’s most delicious fruit crops. We’ve lovingly added peach options to our handcrafted merchandise in the Southern Hill Market, and plan to bring you even more tasty options (can anyone say peach habanero salsa?) this spring. Stop by the farm Tuesdays through Sundays beginning mid to late April to try these sweet peaches for yourself.

Our Peaches

We grow three varieties of peaches on five acres, all of which are sold as pre-picked and u-pick on the farm. Please keep in mind that not all varieties are available all season long. We planted our peach trees in 2016, the 2018 spring season was our first peach u-pick season and we are looking forward to an even bigger harvest this spring. We’ll provide you with baskets for picking and bags to take your harvest home in. Since peach picking conditions can vary based on weather and crop availability, please always check our website on the day of your planned visit to ensure the farm is open for picking.


White flesh, melting (technical term for ‘it melts in your mouth’). Very sweet and juicy.


Typically harvested first on the farm. Yellow flesh, melting, slightly smaller in size compared to our other two varieties. Very sweet and juicy.


Yellow flesh, melting with excellent flavor. Very sweet and juicy.

For more information about peach picking at the farm, please see our FAQs.