Fresh from Florida

Due to our ideal climate, Florida boasts a broad range of agriculture products that travel from farms in our great state to homes and restaurants all over the world. From tomatoes, bell peppers and romaine lettuce down south to blueberries, strawberries and peanuts a little farther north, there are local, family farms in every corner of the state. You can find eighth generation orange groves, cattle ranchers, dairy farmers and aquaculturists farming next door to first generation farmers, chasing a dream and choosing a life filled with passion. Farming in Florida isn’t easy, it comes with a laundry list of unstable markets, severe weather challenges and pest invasion, just to name a few – all of which are completely out of a farmer’s control. For our family, there is nothing more satisfying than planting and caring for a crop, knowing it will bear fruit that nourishes the minds and bodies of people all over the world.

Our Commercial Blueberry Harvest

We celebrate life and fresh food every day at the farm and are honored to share it with you. Our commercial harvest crew painstakingly picks our blueberries by hand every spring to ensure the freshest, highest quality blueberries are leaving our farm for your homes. We occasionally use a machine harvester to pick our late crop of blueberries, of which are usually sold frozen or used in juices at your local retailers. Once they’ve been picked, they leave our farm all nestled in lugs on a refrigerated truck and head straight to our packing house. From there they are carefully cooled, sorted and packed in to clamshells, ready to start their journey across the country to restaurants, retailers and grocery stores, just waiting for a good home.