Central Florida Blueberry U-Pick Info


Southern Hill Farms Blueberry U-Pick is the perfect location in the Orlando area to bring your family and friends for a day of outdoor activity and fun. Admission and parking are free, and there is never an ‘all you can eat’ fee. We will provide you with all of the necessary equipment for picking once you arrive, including plastic one gallon buckets and clamshells to take your blueberries home in. Our blueberry bushes and rows are very well maintained, making it easy to access the fruit. They are also stroller accessible. We suggest wearing a hat, closed toe shoes and sunscreen to make your visit to the farm an enjoyable one.

We have our new Blueberry Express ride, hayrides and food trucks available on the weekends, as well as a covered playground for children and new permanent restroom facilities. Climb atop our observation deck, where you have a 360 degree view of the surrounding farm land. Reconnect with nature and relax at the picnic tables and rocking chairs under our red barn and enjoy the steady breeze. Taste the sweet, succulent blueberries as you pick them from the bush, as fresh as they will ever be.

                      The Blueberry Express!

Dates, Hours and Prices

We are now closed for the 2017 blueberry u-pick season. Thank you for all of your support this season and we are looking forward to seeing everyone in October for our pumpkin patch and fall festival!


The Blueberries

We have 10 different varieties of blueberries on the farm, and we encourage you to try them all to see which is your favorite! Please note that not all of our varieties are available all season long.

Emerald – Nearly 40 percent of our farm is planted in the “Emerald” variety. Taste is semi-sweet and excellent firmness but the most amazing thing about this variety is the size of the berries, near that of a quarter!

Farthing – Large sized, crisp, firm berry with medium blush and mild flavor. Limited quantity available.

Flicker – We currently have close to 12 acres of the Flicker variety. Large, firm and excellent flavor.

Primadonna – Super sweet, with almost a bright blue appearance, excellent firmness.

Jewel – Large, softer skinned berry with a bit of a tart flavor.

Springhigh – Medium sized, soft skinned berry with a unique sweet flavor.

Scintilla – Not many farms have this variety due to its low yield. Very sweet, tastes just like candy!

Meadowlark – Large sized, crisp, firm berry with excellent blush. “Meadowlark” is actually a cross of the native North American sparkleberry.

Kestrel – Crunchy berry with a unique sweet, yet tangy flavor.

Sweetcrisp – Just like the name, very sweet and crisp! Limited quantity available.